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I am delighted to be able to announce that our first target has been reached.  The trustees have been amazed at the very enterprising ways in which people have, in spite of or maybe because of the Covid19 pandemic, managed to engage with others and continue to raise funds despite so many activities being currently not possible. 

We have almost reached the magic figure of £165,000 which would ensure the provision of the digital, state-of-the-art X-ray machine with fixed table, and discussions earlier this week with the Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust clarified that this piece of kit is now not going to cost quite as much. 

This means – more good news – that we already have adequate funds also to ensure the provision of a Smart TV set in each room which will not only combat loneliness for the patient but will also enable consultations with specialists and family, all compatible with the NHS Pathway which will ensure total confidentiality.  Also, most importantly, the televisions will be free at the point of use to the patients – no slot machines at all. 

Now, we move on to the next challenge.  There is more that is needed to enhance the facilities for local residents within the building.  The first item on the list is the ultrasound scanner of which we have been aware since the beginning.  Next, we understand that cardiologists have expressed an interest in holding clinics at Brackley but this will require equipment, so, in order to benefit our local residents who would then not need to travel to other hospitals and who would thus also reduce their carbon footprint,that is added to our list.  For the same reason and for different beneficiaries, equipment to enable ophthalmologists to come here rather than us all go to them is also being investigated. 

Your continued support is therefore requested and required.  If you can think of innovative ways to raise funds, we are happy to help in whatever way we can.  Personal donations are of course welcomed: there are many ways to help including through EasyFundraising and Amazon Smile, and our Treasurer, Paul Bennett, is always happy to drop by and pick up a cheque if you would like! 

The bricks and mortar are almost complete; the fitting out will start in the next month or so.  Not everything will be on site and operational from Day One, but in due course, together, we will ensure that the new Brackley Community Hospital is the best it possibly can be so that all of us, residents of Brackley and of all our surrounding villages, are able to benefit from the wonderful new facility. 

Caryl Billingham MBE, Chairman of Trustees