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The trustees of the recently formed charity were able to make a visit to the new building on 11 June.  Excellent progress is being made, although the building is now understandably behind schedule, principally due to lockdown.  Certain contractors have been able to continue to work throughout if they have been able to access the site and adequate materials and if their work can be carried out whilst socially distancing from colleagues. 

The building is now officially due to be handed over during the first week of September after which the fitting out will take place, and that is scheduled to take four to six weeks.  By autumn, Brackley Medical Centre will have a new home and the Brackley Community Hospital will be open to the public. 

One of the trustees took some photographs which are attached for you to see at first hand the developments that are ongoing.  We were also lucky enough to get a friendly local drone-owner to use his equipment and his skills to get us the external shots which you can see now.  Of particular interest are the large quantity of solar panels on the roof which will ensure that the building is as green as possible and that running costs are accordingly reduced. 

From a fundraising point of view, the thermometer is regularly updated.  We have been fortunate to receive a massive pledge from the Brackley Hospital Trust (which managed the old Cottage Hospital and whose trustees had resolved that their residual funds would go towards a new hospital once it was in existence) along with some very generous public donations – from individuals as well as from local organisations and surrounding villages.  Brackley Rugby Club’s bank holiday 5km run challenge gave us a great boost; Brackley Spiderman is still running and still raising money; Starlight Dance Academy are currently putting together a video and are very close to their target.  Dangerous to have named just three of the most recent initiatives but please be assured that this in no way minimises the fundraising efforts and generosity of anybody – individual, club, organisation or parish council – who has given, they are just examples of local ingenuity to keep the impetus going especially when no fundraising events can be held.  

The Trustees are so very grateful to everybody who has given in any way – every penny counts – and look forward to your continued support as we head towards our first target and then move on to the next one.  Thank you all.